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Pikkukala creates Family friendly animation and games with loveable characters.

our games

You can find our games and apps on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

We like digital storybooks, puzzles adventures and apps that help you learn, socialise, and let your imagination grow.


Saari –  Space Adventure.

Welcome to the beautiful world of Saari. Join Pii and her friends in an exciting space adventure. Discover the magic of the stars, build your own rocket and have fun exploring the Universe!

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Tindra: The Song of the stars.

Come on an adventure around the world and find a cure medicine for the stars.

This storybook, illustrated by Veronica Lassenius is based on the original theatre play by Silva Lilrank.

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Saari Stickers

Saari Stickers are finally here!
Speak your mind with Pulpo, Pii, Rikitiki and Buu with these stickers for iMessage.

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Saari Pairs

Have a good time finding pairs with this memory game inspired in the universe of Saari. More than 20 different figures, changing every new game.
Improve your memory and attention with your friends Buu, Pulpo, Pii and Rikitiki.

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our animation

We are the creators of  Saari and Fungi animation series.

We produced “A Long Story Short“, an animated documentary short film about the origin of our clothes.

We are working on “Royals Next Door”, a brand new comedy about a royal family that moves into a regular house.

We are also developing  “Soul Seekers“, a fantasy adventure film created by Natacha Bustos.

We are also working with other companies to help them use the power of animation to expand their brands, as we did with our friends in Rovio and the Angry Birds Toons.

Our animations are available on Pikkukala’s Vimeo channel .

our studio

Our studio is in the heart of Helsinki.
We love working with talented people who share our passion for animation and games everywhere in the world.

Veronica Lassenius

Veronica Lassenius

Creative Director

Veronica Lassenius is the Creative Director. She is the creator of Saari, Fungi, and Little Sisters. She is also an artist and illustrator.

Pablo Jordi

Pablo Jordi

Producer, Director

Pablo Jordi likes to develop and produce animation series and games.

Natacha Bustos

Natacha Bustos

Lead Artist

Natacha Bustos is an awarded and prolific comic artist living in Barcelona. She is best known for her collaborations with Marvel comics (“Moongirl and the Devil Dinosaur”, “Spider-Woman #10”), DC (Strange Sport Stories #3), Eidola ediciones (“Lolita HR T4”), as well as her personal work on “Chernóbil, la zona”(Glénat, 2011) , her collaborations in collective webcomic “Caniculadas” and many more. She is experienced in animation production, working as Background Lead Artist in series like Fungi, Little Sisters, or the Angry Birds Toons.

Itziar Etxarri

Itziar Etxarri

Production Manager

Itziar is a seasoned Production Manager that has been involved in plenty of international animation productions, including “Fungi”, “Saari”, “The triplets”, “Lola & Virginia”, and many others, accounting for more than 100 half hours of animation series and feature film. She has built and managed big teams on-site and also coordinates different studios and contractors scattered through the globe.

Some of our partners, clients, companies and institutions we have worked with

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Pikkukala is a proud member of Suomen Pelinkehittäjät , (National association of Finnish Game Studios).