The Taste Buddies are the ultimate foodie influencers who bring flavours from all over the world direct to Leo’s plate and palate.

Taste Buddies

Our flavourful foodies Bitter Betty, Salty Sam, Sour Sarah, Sweet Suzy, and Umami Umi epitomise their flavourful namesakes.  In each story, they have all the ingredients to inspire children to discover new flavours, try tasty combinations and activate their own taste buds.

The Taste Buddies are foodie influencers who will naturally get kids curious about trying new foods and flavours.  If the audience is not salivating by the end of the episode, they have not done their job.  It is important to note that the Taste Buddies are not here to inform the viewers about the nutritional content of food or how it helps their body.  They know that’s a bonus of great food but this isn’t their mission.  They are humour filled influencers who aim to entice younger viewers to experiment with flavours and taste combinations. They actively lean into the sensory experience of trying new foods whilst learning relatable preschool lessons as they do through characterful storytelling.

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  • Format

    52 episodes of 7 minutes

  • Status

    In Pre-production

  • Created by

    Veronica Lassenius

  • Directed by:

    Veronica Lassenius

  • Copyright

    © Pikkukala



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