Have fun with Fungi!


Meet Frida, Max and their – oh so interesting – neighbours … the Undergrounders!

Not so everyday grannies, temperamental cooks, harassed hairdressers, fungicultors, ex spies, hat makers and grumpy freelancers make up this very special melting pot community living in an apartment block called Fungihouse!

It’s no wonder their neighbours never fail to fire the imaginations of Frida and Max – astute observers of the comings and goings of the community around them. It all makes for a rather thrilling view of everyday life – especially when mysteries arise and Max and Frida get involved to solve them!

  • Target

    6-8 years

  • Format

    26 episodes of 7 minutes

  • Status


  • Created by

    Veronica Lassenius

  • Copyright

    Stor Fisk S.L., Televisió de Catalunya, Top Draw Animation.




FRIDA is a cheerful, curious and imaginative girl who isalways looking for adventure



MAX is a quiet, practical and funny guy. He’s a quick thinker who likes cracking jokes and is a bit ironic

Find out more about the other neighbours in the Fungihouse !

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Annecy 2012 (France)
Official Selection