A Long Story Short

The what, where and how of your clothes.

A Long Story Short

A girl and her favourite t-shirt will show us the story behind our clothing.

This is an invitation to discover the origins of our clothing, an exciting journey to exotic places, from the cotton plantations, through the factories and stores around the planet and into our wardrobes. We will find interesting people and ingenious machines. We will also discover what happens to our clothes when we don’t use them any more.
This charming cutout animated short film presents facts in a light, engaging way to open the conversation about the origin and destiny of our clothes, as well as our own consuming habits. It ends with a single piece of advice: “Love your clothes!”.

  • Target

    Children and families

  • Format

    7 minutes short film

  • Status


  • Directed by

    Veronica Lassenius

  • Copyright

    Pikkukala 2017.

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