It’s that time of the year when trees loose their leaves and birds migrate South. Digital artists get back to ink and paper for #inktober, animation producers polish their shoes and their catalogue for MIPjr, and startups founders practice their pitch in front of the mirror once and again, ramping up for SLUSH. We have also been busy here at Pikkukala and we felt like sharing what’s happened and what’s cooking.

Last summer, after our successful collaboration with Rovio on the Angry Birds Toons, we moved our studio into Ullanlinna, a centric and beautiful location in Helsinki. We have built a cut-out animation set where Veronica has been working on a surprising short film about clothes for kids “A long story short: The what, where and how of your clothes”  with the help of Bettina Björnberg Aminoff. If you follow her on Instagram, you may already have heard of it. We are shooting the last scenes now and you will here more about it very soon.

Our digital storybook “Tindra. The Song of the Stars”, illustrated by Veronica, and based on Silva Lilrank’s original theatre play, is finally out this week! Coming first in Swedish and Finnish in Scandinavia, it will also be available for the international market in English and Spanish and maybe other languages . It has taken us some time to finalise it and it feels really good to finally launch it.

You may have noticed we have recently released a free pack of stickers for iMessage with Saari characters. It is just an appetiser for the “SaariTales” game we are working on with our friends in Flexball in Seoul which is another project we have put a lot of work and illusion into and is almost ready.

We are also very excited about our animation series projects which are ready to go: “Sisters”  and “Soul Seekers” are waiting for production partners to confirm their interest. If you were at Cartoon Forum in Toulouse this year, you may have seen the latest updates on both projects.

We have some other new projects going which we cannot talk about yet. We will be giving news soon. Enjoy your October!