Angry Birds Toons Season 2? Check!


For the last two years we have been helping our friends at Rovio Entertainment to produce the second season of the Angry Birds Toons. It has been a pleasure to work with this unique, international team on such a high end quality series with one of the most popular brands in the Universe. And we are happy to continue working together!

The series is now fully available on Toons.TV and many broadcasters worldwide. Check it out!

Pikkukala on Cartoon Connection Asia 2015

Pablo Jordi will be travelling to Jeju island in Korea to take part on Cartoon Connection Asia, a co-production forum for Asian and European animation companies, between the 26th to the 30th of April.

Pikkukala has some brand new projects, and we are searching for co-production partners.

It is exciting to be back in Korea, such an inspiring and dynamic country. It has been some time since we were invited to speak at  Dicon 2014!

Please contact us if you want to meet. See you soon!


Time to Cartoon Connection Asia 2015.