Saari arrives to PINKFONG TV.

Pikkukala has signed a distribution deal for the animated series “Saari” with Smartstudy, for their SVOD platform PINKFONG TV.

Saari is an animated series narrating the musical adventures of four friends in an island. Produced by Stor Fisk in co-production with Televisió de Catalunya and Imira Entertainment. Created by Finnish author Veronica Lassenius, Saari is a fun, beautiful world, with a rich Nature, inspired by the Finnish summer. The series has been distributed in about 20 Territories already.

PINKFONG TV is the leading mobile SVOD platform for kids not only in Korea but also in Asia, as one of the PINKFONG app series with over 7 million monthly active users.

“We are extremely happy about this collaboration with Smartstudy to bring Saari to Korea”, comments Pablo Jordi, CEO Pikkukala, “ It is a privilege to work with a leading actor like them in establishing the Saari brand in Asia”. After the launch of our SaariTV in 2013 and Saari Pairs last year, this is one step further in Pikkukala’s strategy to digitalise the Saari Brand. “Korea is an exciting market for us because of the country’s tradition in the game, character and animation industries and its links to other Asian territories”.

Pikkukala Oy is an entertainment studio based in Helsinki. It focuses on the production, distribution and licensing of children’s content in all the formats.

Saari is programmed to premiere on PINKFONG TV in September.

Pikkukala in MIFA 2015

We will be in MIFA next week.

The Annecy festival is a great event and wonderful occasion to get together with other animation lovers and watch some of the best animation shorts and upcoming feature films.

We have had some lovely times in Annecy. All of our three series produced by Stor Fisk Saari, Fungi and Emma&Gui have been selected in the festival´s past editions.

This year we will again be representing these series to partners and broadcasters. We will also be discussing our new projects “Soul Seekers” -which we presented for the first time in Cartoon Forum 2014, and “Little Sisters”, our cute and cool project (formerly known as “Ta-dah”).

Contact us or if you want to meet! We´d love to see you!



Angry Birds Toons Season 2? Check!


For the last two years we have been helping our friends at Rovio Entertainment to produce the second season of the Angry Birds Toons. It has been a pleasure to work with this unique, international team on such a high end quality series with one of the most popular brands in the Universe. And we are happy to continue working together!

The series is now fully available on Toons.TV and many broadcasters worldwide. Check it out!

Pikkukala on Cartoon Connection Asia 2015

Pablo Jordi will be travelling to Jeju island in Korea to take part on Cartoon Connection Asia, a co-production forum for Asian and European animation companies, between the 26th to the 30th of April.

Pikkukala has some brand new projects, and we are searching for co-production partners.

It is exciting to be back in Korea, such an inspiring and dynamic country. It has been some time since we were invited to speak at  Dicon 2014!

Please contact us if you want to meet. See you soon!


Time to Cartoon Connection Asia 2015.

A Long Story Short

The what, where and how of your clothes.

A Long Story Short

A girl and her favourite t-shirt will show us the story behind our clothing.

This is an invitation to discover the origins of our clothing, an exciting journey to exotic places, from the cotton plantations, through the factories and stores around the planet and into our wardrobes. We will find interesting people and ingenious machines. We will also discover what happens to our clothes when we don’t use them any more.
This charming cutout animated short film presents facts in a light, engaging way to open the conversation about the origin and destiny of our clothes, as well as our own consuming habits. It ends with a single piece of advice: “Love your clothes!”.

  • Target

    Children and families

  • Format

    7 minutes short film

  • Status


  • Directed by

    Veronica Lassenius

  • Copyright

    Pikkukala 2017.

Watch the full film now.

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Parents and sons



Some time ago, two outlandish pieces of news surprised me and made me think about the way parents and children relate through technology:

One was about the mother who gave her 13 year old son an iPhone as a Christmas present with a 12 point contract attached with rules and regulations on how and when to use it.

The other one was the story of a Chinese man, so desperate about his 23 year old son playing online games and not searching for a job, that he hired a virtual contract killer to kill his son’s character in those games.

I found these stories moving, and even though the parent´s reactions may have been objectionable, their attempt to connect with their children seemed truly genuine.

Let us remember the sons in those stories, being 13 and 23, still belong to a generation whose parents weren’t born with the internet, perhaps not even with color TV. So on top of the “generational gap” they find a “technological gap” between them and their children.

Kids have a special way to look at things, and a privileged kind of intelligence. Many people who dedicate their lives to children entertainment agree the world would be a better place if we were able to preserve this ability to learn and to be surprised that they have.

Let´s spend time with our children and make things together, whether it is playing a squash match, cook food or take a walk. Technology, computer and tablet games are just another source of potential valuable shared experiences between parents and children, between brothers or friends.

Yes, I know: “In the old times life was simple and we didn’t need any tablet to have fun with our kids!”. But put it this way: at least we won’t need to hire a virtual contract killer…nor a lawyer.


What about you? Do you share “tech moments” with your children?

Fungi on Vimeo On Demand

We always loved Vimeo. Today we are happy to announce that Fungi is now available on Vimeo On Demand. We are excited to present the most “underground” of our series to the global community of Vimeo video lovers.

We spiced it up with some extras: The “Fungi Digest” clip and the Interviews to the characters are also available for free on the same page.

Check it out on Vimeo On Demand. new design.

Hello again, world!

After some time and WordPress fun, the new website is up and running. It looks nicer, is mobile-optimised and we hope it will give a clearer idea of what we are up to, with updates to our different projects. Thanks for passing by!